1. Select the item you wish to purchase from the Order Online page or by navigating to your chosen product from the Products and Services page.
  2. Ensure you indicate what size you want your item to be from the options provided.
  3. Enter the quantity you require when prompted.
  4. You may then proceed to upload your artwork by clicking the Select Files option. Please refer to the Artwork Guidelines page to make sure you provide your artwork in the necessary format.
  5. Select shipping option. Please note that shipping is charged per item. (If required)
  6. You may enter any additional notes for the printers in the space provided. This is not a requirement.
  7. Ensure you tick the box indicating that you have read and understood the terms and conditions as well as the guidelines. Terms and Conditions are available at the bottom of the website.
  8. Click Add to Cart. Repeat these steps for any additional items you may wish to order.
  9. You can then click on Cart to view your current order status.
  10. Once you have completed your order you may proceed to Checkout to complete the purchase and supply billing information.
  11. Click Place Order to finalise your purchase and make payment.